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Chuo Taxi

The Chuo Taxi is an easy way to get to Hakuba without having to navigate
through different trains and buses. The Taxi provides a set price per person
regardless of whether you are travelling alone or in a group. The service
provides transport from Narita Airport or Nagoya Airport direct to here. You
must book a minimum of 5 days in advance and the taxi will be waiting for
you at the airport. The taxi takes approximately 6 hours from Narita or
Nagoya Airports however this time can vary depending on other travellers
arrival times.


By Train (Shinkansen - Asama Bullet Train)
From Narita Airport - Tokyo Station
From Narita Airport board the Narita Express to Tokyo Station. The train
departs regularly from the airport rail terminal and the journey to Tokyo
takes approximately 1 hour.
From Tokyo Station - Nagano
From Tokyo Station board the Asama Shinkansen (Nagano Bullet Train). Tickets
can be purchased from the JR ticket counter and the journey takes
approximately 1.5 hours. Trains run frequently throughout the day. To view
the timetable to go to the JR website and select the central Honshu area,,
then the Tokyo - Nagano north timetable for trains to Nagano.


From Nagano Station - Hakuba (Happo Bus Terminal)
Buses from Nagano to Hakuba run every hour, with the last bus departing
Hakuba at 8:20pm. (Friday night 9.20pm). Buses depart from the East
(Higashi) exit of Nagano Station from bus stop 6 and take approximately 1
hour to get to Happo Bus Terminal. For bus times click here

From Happo Bus Terminal - here
Please call belnina ahead of your arrival at Happo Bus Terminal and we will
arrange to pick you up and transfer you to our Lodge. If is best to call
from Nagano Station to advise your arrival time (0261724660 Local Japan
Number). Alternatively you can email us one day prior to your arrival if you
know what time you will be arriving at Happo Bus Terminal.


By Train (JR Super Azusa)

The JR Super Azusa is cheaper than the bullet train but takes longer
(approximately 4.5 hours) than travelling by bullet train. The JR Super
Azusa departs from Shinjuku, Hachioji, or other stations along the route.
There is one train that goes direct from Shinjuku to Hakuba (7:30
departure), or you will have to change in Matsumoto to the Oito line bound
for Shinano-Omachi and Hakuba (some of these connections have a long wait in
Shin-Omachi). The Super Azusa departs every hour from Shinjuku to Matsumoto
from the JR station in Shinjuku. The train travels to Hakuba Train Station.
Please call Belnina ahead of you arrival and we will arrange to meet you
and transfer you to our Lodge (0261724660Local Japan Number).

To help plan your journey you can visit the following site


By Bus (Tokyo to Hakuba)

The cheapest way to get to Hakuba from Tokyo is by Bus which costs
approximately 4700 yen one way. Without traffic delays the trip takes
approximately 4.5 hours with two rest stops. During holidays and on weekends
however you should be prepared for delays to to increased traffic. The bus
departs from Shinjuku station on the west side. To find, follow the signs,
or exit on the street level and cross the street and turn left, go one block
and turn right. The terminal is across from Yodabashi Camera. More
information can be found on the following website.